Wednesday, 25 November 2015

How Yoga Helps in Detoxifying the Body Mind and Soul

Yoga in our routine brings strength and an ideal way to lead our life where we stretch our muscles and detoxify our body. Detoxification is actually a process where we tend to remove toxins and dirt of blood, digestive system and lymph of our body. Although is made to do this every day through certain Kriyas and Karmas planned in our routine life but due to varying lifestyles our body sometimes require an additional twisting and yogic practice, where by the Yogic detoxification helps understanding our body better and enhance the spirit and system of living system. Yoga tour in India play a major role and with the Yoga Themes several locations have got and added advantage with the Yoga Themes and packages at Rishikesh, Goa, Kerala etc.
Cleansing of our body in routine is essential for us to letter a better life and achieve more; the process can be best achieved at home or in community where you feel more relaxed amidst your way of life. Five Tatva i.e., five elements of the body system needs best attention to release the dirt and become pure body, mind and soul.

Actually body is made up of Five elements – water , earth, fire , air and space where by 70% of the body is water , 10% earth , 08% air , 6% fire and remaining 6% is space (approximate % work outs only).

Water is amongst the five elements which take 70% of space in the body system so we must ensure lot of intake of water so that body remains detoxified and takes away stiffness of the body , adding neem and tulsi leaves add additional medicinal value to the water and helps in removing chemicals and also make the body vibrant and energetic and another therapy is store water to the copper utensil , it adds copper quality to the water which is very beneficial for our digestive and muscle building system.

Earth carries 10% of the overall metabolic system which is associated with food and how it goes to our system where consideration is given to the routine of life - how it is grown combined with how we eat and its affect upon our body. Most important food gives us way of life and its message reach the system and add Urja i.e., energy on accord i.e., the reason the concept of energizing food , organic food , color scheme of food and other such aspects are taken into consideration which are best associated with earth and body.

Air holds 08% of our body and in that only one percent is breath and remaining has its own role in order to keep our body temperature accurate and enhance the immunity system. Actually it is not the air that we inhale but the entire other air purification system management which affects the system. We all must take care of this purification system in order to ensure how we are living with it hence in routine as far as possible we must go for a walk to ensure samilit urja “combined energy” by walking aside of lake or park . We must ensure the adventure and sporty lifestyle and at least follow some routine of playing, swimming or climbing a mountain so that body air system purifies and with varing yogic exercises in routine way of life we can even do all at home and routine of life

Fire is important tatwa and in the prevalent competitive world with greed to excel and achieve more it has become a way of life through aggression, compassion and loss of exuberance and patience. Sunlight and Suryanamaskar helps in diluting the bad energy and add positive energy within us through love, positive thinking and physical and mental well being.
 Akash is a symbol of our system that is the outer kora of our inner self .We can call it face value of our system -where if we keep our four elements correct this would automatically show and perform right and can be experienced by us and our associates.

In order to keep our Five elements rightly functioning we have planned our yogic packages systematically under the guidance of yogic Acharya combing the varing yogic kriyas, right food and way of life.

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