Monday, 4 January 2016

In Kerala, Ayurveda is now Hitech and Digitally Planned

Ayurveda is a science famous in the Indian subcontinent as traditional way of medicine and life and used by the wizened Saints and Vaidyaas a traditional doctor with full skill knowledge of varying varieties to heel and cater to the need of mankind. Every year several tourists visit India and enjoy this way of medication combined with the massages and therapies to get rid of problem from the root.

Kerala is known for the Ayurveda and natural ambiance to tranquilize and rebalance the mindset. There are several Ayurvedic resorts and centres are located around Kerala offering treatments to chronic problems and routine issues of body, scalp, hair and other parts of the body. In Ayurveda special treatments are worked out with locally grown and unique combination of outsourced varieties of roots, plants and herbs that are safe, hygenic, effective and natural. Most Important now Kerala Tourism has come up with the E book totally digital and modern to propagate the tradional science and attract tourism. These Award winning books are "Panchkarma: Ayurveda Mantra of Rejuvenation" and "Ayrveda: Mantra of Niramaya". These books can easily be downloaded and read on laptop and computers and call/attract tourist with another mystical way

E books are available online and help tourist to plan their own way of treatment and tourism

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