Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Explore India with its Vibrant Colours and Heritage Values

India has rich history and culture since it had several foreign invaders to Mughals to English Trends. The country is able to retain its rich heritage of relics, monuments and culture along with the Ethnic tradition and simple people. India is considered as a fushion of Old and New World charm and act as a traveller interest and exploration of charm. Country has several fairs and festivals that attract tourist with colourful culture, heritage values and diverse demographic showcasing. Himalayas as a crown to the country in North and Silver weaves of beaches, sea are the makeover of south India. Golden Sand and desserts in the west and with the coastal area of sea, forest and island are the embellishments of the east.

Holiday Packages India

Finding such a diverse land in our universe is not possible that has several diverse culture and theme which act as a traveller delight. NTP India Tourism provide packages which has culture and heritage themes and others with Ayurveda and spa, forts and palaces themes, honeymoon, pilgrimage, sand and sea tour, Romantic themes and exploration tours by Heritage trains. Golden triangle and Kerala backwaters are most popular and with the season Rajasthan, Gujrat vibrant colors attract tourist. South India, Nepal and Bhutan are our favorite destination based products. The tours can be arranged for all the Market segments from Higher to the standard category of holidays.

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