Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Government has changed Name of Tourist Visa upon Arrival its new name "e-tourist Visa"

Delhi had faced complaints with regard to the confusion arised because of the term Tourist Visa on Arrival Scheme, the Union Home Ministry had decided to on Arrival Scheme to Electronic –Tourist Visa (E-TV) scheme valid from 15 April 2015

The process was in Parliament for more than two months with suggestive names by Tourism Ministry and Home Ministry and with the consensus new name was passed. The facility shall be extended to 150 countries across the globe in next few years.

The E –Visa facility is available to the visitors of 44 countries. Applicants from the eligible countries can pocess/apply online 4 days in advance from the date of arrival.

Whereas, many travellers misunderstood the Visa on Arrival some of the International visitors came to India without visa assuming as its availability upon arrival and had to return back in the absence of the facility.

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